What animal is shrek, in the shrek movie?

Answer ogre >>>>An ogre (feminine: ogress) is a large and hideous humanoid monster. Ogres are often represented in fairy tales and folklore as feeding on human beings and have appeared in many classic wor... Read More »

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In the movie Shrek, whom does Shrek marry?

How to Draw Shrek?

Shrek is everyone's favorite ogre! Here are some easy steps so you can learn to draw him.

Who plays Fiona in"Shrek"?

The actress who does the voice acting for Fiona in the "Shrek" movies is Cameron Diaz. As of 2010, Cameron Diaz has supplied the voice of Fiona for four Shrek feature films.Source:IMDB: Shrek

Who played Donkey on"Shrek"?

Donkey, Ogre's constant companion in the animated film "Shrek," was voiced by Eddie Murray. Murray also signed on for each of the "Shrek" sequals, including the 2010 release, "Shrek Forever After."... Read More »