Are shakespeares plays still relevant?

Answer Yes. Works of art don't become obsolete. The plays of Shakespeare possess all (or most) of the ingredients of a good work and will continue to do so until humans evolve past the point of appreciati... Read More »

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What was Name of fairie in shakespeares tempest?

Ariel was a male sprite whom Prospero released from captivity and whom Prospero then enslaved.

What did cutpurses do in shakespeares time?

They did exactly what it sounds like.People used to have their money pouches tied to them with a cord. So a cutpurse was like a pickpocket with a knife - a quick slash, and your money pouch was gone.

What were Shakespeares intentions for taming of the shrew?

Shakespeare intended that it should be performed as a play, what else? We don't know anything about how it was performed.