What is Seltzer water for?

Answer Seltzer water is a carbonated drink that has been put under pressure so that when you open the bottle the gases rush out, this creates a fizz. It can be added to a drink or drink mix that creates a... Read More »

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DIY Seltzer Water?

If you love seltzer water but hate buying plastic-bottled drinks, make your own carbonated water at home with reusable bottles. Carbonation systems for the home kitchen include soda-making applianc... Read More »

I don't like Seltzer water. Is there a way to get the bubbles out?

Initially the term Selzter Water was considered a medicinal mineral water from Niederselters in Germany. Nowadays, the term is loosely interchanged with any water that has been carbonated (made bub... Read More »

How to Get Lipstick Off With Seltzer Water?

Many women consider lipstick an everyday part of life, while others only wear it on special occasions. Lipstick is greasy and colorful, making it a stain waiting to happen, especially if you have k... Read More »

What is sparkling seltzer water?

Seltzer water, also known as carbonated or soda water, contains dissolved carbon dioxide. The added carbon dioxide separates it from normal water. It offers the same minerals and benefits of plain ... Read More »