What is Schedule C on a tax return?

Answer A Schedule C is the tax form used to file taxable income from the tax Form 1099. Some examples of those who report income on a 1099 are: artist, writers, sole owners of businesses or those operati... Read More »

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What is a Schedule K-1 on a tax return?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) uses Schedule K-1 to report partnership income. This is not an income tax return form for the entire partnership, but a taxpayer uses Schedule K-1 to report only... Read More »

If your son's father has not used his court mandated visitation in almost a year can he return to the visitation schedule whenever he chooses?

Answer Yes.Until the court order is changed, it stands and he is well within his rights to excercise his rights. More Opinions As clarification, the court can only award visitation rights, it cann... Read More »

Is Schedule 80 PVC stronger or weaker than Schedule 40 PVC?

Schedule 80 PVC pipe is stronger than Schedule 40 PVC pipe because it has a thicker wall. For example, a 2-inch Schedule 80 PVC pipe has a minimum wall thickness of .284 inches, whereas a schedule... Read More »

Schedule C Vs. Schedule E for Rental Income?

Schedule C and Schedule E are both tax forms used for reporting rental income. They differentiate in the types of rental income included on each form.