Do most parents let their pregnant daughters move out of the house to live with the baby's father?

Answer One Father's Opinion I can't speak for 'most parents' but, assuming the daughter is a minor, I would either be:1. Polishing up the shotgun for the wedding. 2. Seriously consider the fact that if t... Read More »

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How can David Letterman make unfunny cracks about Sarah Palin's daughter when he got a woman pregnant out of wedlock at age 56 Who is more stupid an 18 yr old or a 56 yr old?

Because he is brilliant while Sara is a dolt. And btw you should know Sara's daughter had an abortion last year.

Did Sarah Jane from the Sarah janes adventures from bbc die?

We do not know yet whether the character will be killed off officially (or just be allowed to exist "off-screen") but in real life the actress who played Sarah Jane, Elisabeth Sladen, died in April... Read More »

If You have ever seen Michael Palins?

Does anyone have the link to the Youtube video showing. Palins face once they realized they lost the election?

I found a pic, dam it looks like she is trying to swallow a load, (her own!)…did you hear she had a speech prepared and McCain wouldn't let her read it , S... Read More »