What is santa bringing all the yahoo babies for christmas?

Answer MY Sophie (LOL) is getting a giant wooden kitchen. :) It's massive and so heavy, yikes. We don't know what else yet, since we won't be in town, but visiting family in the States. We'll wing it!... Read More »

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How to Make Talking Santa Christmas Ecards?

A talking Santa eCard is a creative, earth-friendly way to send your holiday greetings. You can add your own message to create a custom card that is sure to get a lot of laughs and won't be forgott... Read More »

Would Santa Claus bring you an iPhone 4 for Christmas?

Christmas is over, so why does Santa keep peeing on my laundry?

I find that constant berating gets critters and people to finally cave in and follow your way. But, its likely that you've already tried that and now you are desperation! Do not fear! Kitty whisper... Read More »

What are the rules& consequences of bringing alcohol to school?

Well in my school is getting expelled period and if you really want to do something that stupid dont fricken tell anyone or someone is going to tattle dont matter if its your best friend telling so... Read More »