What year did Santa Claus come out?

Answer The movie "Santa Claus" starring Dudley Moore and directed by Jeannot Szwarc came out in 1985. It was also known as "Santa Claus: The Movie." "The Santa Clause," starring Tim Allen and directed by ... Read More »

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What is the origin of the Santa Claus costume?

The traditional Santa Claus costume consisting of a red suit and hat trimmed with white fur does not have a single origin. Rather, the Santa Claus image evolved through the ages from St. Nicholas, ... Read More »

What episode does Yosemite Sam pretend to be santa Claus going down a chimney?

Answer Bugs Bunny's Christmas it on Youtube... usally comes on TV around christmas.

How to Get Evidence of Santa Claus?

There are many ways to get evidence of Santa Claus to prove to children, friends, and even adults, that he is real.

How to Dress Up As Santa Claus?

If you are drafted in to be one of Santa's little helpers this Christmas, you'll need to know how to dress like him.