What is Salvia extract?

Answer According the the National Cancer Institute, a Salvia extract tablet contains the extract of the Salvia (common sage) plant. It has reported but unproved medical properties such as being an antibio... Read More »

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What is salvia hispanica extract?

Salvia hispanica extract is made from the seeds of chia plants, which are rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids. Chia seeds were used by the Aztecs to treat skin conditions and ... Read More »

How do I extract from a salvia plant?

Powdering SalviaWeigh 90 grams of the salvia leaf. Grind the leaves for several minutes in a coffee grinder, starting and stopping to give the machine time to rest for three or four minutes or unti... Read More »

How to Make Salvia Extract?

To make your own Salvia divinorum extract, you will need regarding a hundred grams of dried leaves that you may got to method into a powder, and ninety nine alcohols. You may immerse the powder wit... Read More »

How to Extract Potent Erowid Salvia off Leaves?

Most find that salvia divinorum leaves purchased from smoke shops or online vendors unsatisfactory. This is why many connoisseurs of the herb choose to grow their own leaves and extract more potent... Read More »