What is Salvia?

Answer Salvia is a genus of several hundred differrent plants. Salvia species are used for cooking (Sage), medicine (Dan Shen), and ornamental flowers (Salvia nermorosa, etc.). Salvia divinorum is an her... Read More »

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What is Salvia extract?

According the the National Cancer Institute, a Salvia extract tablet contains the extract of the Salvia (common sage) plant. It has reported but unproved medical properties such as being an antibio... Read More »

What is Salvia Divinorium?

Salvia divinorum is an herb found in the Sierra Mazateca region of Mexico. Its leaves contain an extremely potent psychoactive substance (a substance that when ingested enters the brain and alters ... Read More »

What is Salvia divinorum made of?

Salvia divinorum, when used as a hallucinogenic drug, is made from both the fresh and dried leaves of a Salvia plant. Salvia is commonly ingested by either smoking or chewing these leaves.Reference... Read More »

What is salvia hispanica extract?

Salvia hispanica extract is made from the seeds of chia plants, which are rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids. Chia seeds were used by the Aztecs to treat skin conditions and ... Read More »