What is SOPA and why wikipedia will shut down for few hours?

Answer SOPA = Stop Online Piracy Act.If it passes that means many websites will be closed down, no more torrents, no more stuff on YouTube and lots more.It will make internet users pretty upset.SOPA can o... Read More »

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What is SOPA and PIPA Why does a Wikipedia talk about SOPA tell me about SOPA ?

SOPA and PIPA are proposed changes to US copyright laws that would allow a copyright owner to request the US government to take technical and economic steps against websites and their owners who ar... Read More »

Why is wikipedia against SOPA?

Wikipedia is OK under current legislation, because if you hold the copyright on a work, and ask them to remove the infringing content on their site, then they will do.But -- if SOPA were approved, ... Read More »

How to bypass the SOPA ad on wikipedia?

Use the Firefox extension of NoScript. I have been having no trouble accessing Wikipedia all day with this gem.

Why is the SOPA bill against sites like Wikipedia?

The goal of SOPA is to combat online piracy. That's fine: people generally agree that combatting online piracy is a good thing. However, SOPA's implementation of rules to combat online piracy also ... Read More »