What is SIRIUS XM?

Answer SIRIUS XM is a holding company resulting from the merger of two previously competing North American satellite radio services: SIRIUS Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio.Satellite RadioUnlike tra... Read More »

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What is SIRIUS Satellite Radio?

SIRIUS Satellite Radio is a premium radio service that offers more than 130 channels with no commercials. People who subscribe to SIRIUS have more control over what they hear than those who listen ... Read More »

What is the temperature on the star Sirius?

The star Sirius has a temperature of approximately 9,600 degrees Kelvin, making it much hotter than the sun in Earth's solar system. It has twice the sun's mass and 22 times its luminosity.Source:D... Read More »

What is so good about sirius xm radio?

Sirius / XM is worth every penny...... I do recommend it for the car and forget the radio app for the phone..... It sounds better, doesn't run the phone battery down and lets the phone be what its ... Read More »

What is the difference between XM& SIRIUS radio?

SIRIUS and XM radio are both popular satellite radio stations. Until recently these two stations were competitors vying for dominance in the emerging satellite radio medium, but in July 2008, the t... Read More »