What is S-Video and how is it used?

Answer Use the s-connector to improve the picture from that of a simple yellow video connection. The improvement will enough you can see it on the screen. This cable carries no audio.

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What is video conferencing used for?

Video conferencing offers people a way to get together, virtually speaking, for any reason, at any time from any place in the world. Video conferencing is a powerful long-distance communication too... Read More »

What was the sound used in smosh's video WTF im old?

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What is a laptop video card used for?

The laptop video card (also known as the graphics card) provides graphic support to a laptop computer. This support enables picture to be displayed on the screen. The type of card determines the ... Read More »

What is the used camera in this video?

It could probably be new for all we know but it doesn't matter. Buying exactly the same camera doesn't guarantee getting exactly the same results. Picture and video qualities mostly depend on user ... Read More »