What is Russia's legislature called?

Answer Russia's legislative branch of government is known as the Federal Assembly of Russia and consists of a 628-member parliament. Elections were first held in December 1993 when the Assembly was first ... Read More »

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When does the Virginia state Legislature meet?

The Virginia Legislature, also known as the General Assembly, meets every year on the second Wednesday in January. In even-numbered years, the session lasts 60 days. In odd-numbered years, the sess... Read More »

Who was the first Hispanic woman to serve in the Florida legislature?

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who was born in Cuba, was the first woman of Hispanic descent to be elected to the Florida State Legislature in 1982. She later became a senator in 1986, then she was elected t... Read More »

How to Set up and Use a Bill Tracking Account on the Washington State Legislature's Website?

Using the bill tracking function on the Washington State Legislature's website can be an easy way to keep track of multiple bills, resolutions and memorials moving through the legislative process. ... Read More »

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