What is Revision of the canon?

Answer The focus is adjusted on the lens, not on the camera body itself. For a lens which has autofocus (almost all modern lenses) there will be a small slider switch on the lens, close to the body of th... Read More »

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How do you delete saved revision maps on the bbc revision maps?

Don't think so , he went out with Ellie Goulding , but they split up earlier this year.

How can you tell what changed from one revision of a wikipedia article to the next?

The page highlights things that were changed. In the page you linked, for example, you see some orange highlighting on the left and some blue highlighting on the right; everything highlighted chang... Read More »

The Roosevelt Corollary issued in 1904 was a revision to what earlier statement of US foreign policy?

What is the Roosevelt Corollary in 1904 about? Can you provide me with a quick summary?

Classroom Revision Games?

While many students may not realize this, one of the most important steps to writing is rewriting. Many students would prefer to turn in their first draft and never touch a paper or assignment agai... Read More »