How to Get Revenge on a Guy Who Was Mean to You?

Answer Is there someone who is mean to you or who you hate? Do you want to get revenge on him back? Then, you have come to the right article.

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How to Get Revenge by Being Better Than Someone?

Whether it be against an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend or an enemy, revenge always tastes sweet...but for how long? Improving yourself is a great method to get revenge because there is no guilt... Read More »

How to Get Revenge on Anyone?

Revenge is a dish best served cold––namely, really do think about the purpose and point of feeling vengeful before going forth and plotting or implementing your "revenge." Ultimately, it serves... Read More »

How do you win in tap tap revenge?

well you don't really win tap tap revenge all you do is purchase songs on the app and you play them..and you get your score on how well you did and there is levels of easy, medium, or hard.

Will their be a tap tap revenge 5?

Yes, but not for a while yet. Tapulous are interested in exploring other markets, including PS/XBox and developing newer features such as voice recognition, meaning the TTR5 for iPod/iPhone will be... Read More »