What is Refuse Removal in the description of condo assessments?

Answer Generally, refuse removal would include removal of trash, garbage and recycle materials.You can ask your property manager for a specific definition.

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A lien for unpaid assessments has been placed on your unit by the condo association - can they foreclose on your condo owned outright?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.Usually, regardless of the ownership status -- outright ownership or mortgaged -- unpaid condominium assessments represent an automatic ... Read More »

What is included in condo association assessments?

Your annual budget, which a board member can provide you, lists the line items for bills the association expects to pay during the year with the assessment dollars it collects. Usually the line ite... Read More »

Are all condo assessments legal?

Generally, yes. Read your governing documents to determine whether all assessments are legal.

Can you charge reoccurring late fees on unpaid condo assessments?

Read your governing documents to determine the process and structure of late fee charges. If you are behind one month, and the late fee is $30 per month that you are behind, and you continue to pay... Read More »