What is the actresses name that place Raven on the TV show That's so Raven?

Answer Her name is Raven Symone. See her as a very young child on the Cosby show of the 1990's.

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What is the name of Raven in That Is So Raven?

her name is raven baxter although her name in real life is raven symone

Is raven symone a real desiner in real life?

He was formerly the demon Keldor from another dimension, hit by acid rebounding off randors shield, he became the skeltal villain Skeletor

What episode of that's so raven does raven think Chelsea and Eddie are dating?

What is ravens last name PS shes off that's so Raven?

Her real name is Raven-Symone Christina Pearman. On the show "She's so Raven" her character name was Raven Baxter.