What is RAM memory used for?

Answer Random Access Memory (RAM) allows computer users to access their data and programs quickly. With low RAM space, it takes longer to find and access files. Computers perform faster and have better ov... Read More »

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What is cache memory used for?

Your computer uses cache memory to quickly access frequently used data. The cache memory makes up a small portion of your computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory). Whenever your computer’s CPU (Ce... Read More »

What is the memory stick used for on a PSP?

The memory stick in a PlayStation Portable (PSP) stores all of the personal files that you want to use on the device, including music, movies and wallpapers. Additionally, the memory stick stores g... Read More »

What is a memory stick pro duo used for?

Produced by Sony, it is used for Sony digital cameras, digital music players, PDA's and the like.

What memory is used in Linux?

The Linux operating system requires a minimum of 256 MB of RAM to operate, however 512 MB is recommended. A Pentium 1 to 4 processor or AMD equivalent and 500 MB of disk space is also required.Refe... Read More »