What is the phonetic alphabet code?

Answer A-alpha B-bravo C- charlie D-delta E-echo F-foxtrot G-golf H-hotel I-india J-juilet K-kilo L-lima M-mike N-novemberO-oscar P-papa Q-quebec R-romeo S-sierra T-tango U-uniform V-v... Read More »

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How to Understand and Use the NATO Phonetic Alphabet?

In the Militaries of all NATO nations, a series of world-renowned call letters and numbers are used to clearly transmit and receive verbal messages of the spelling of certain names or other informa... Read More »

How to Recite the NATO Phonetic Alphabet Backwards?

Have you ever sat on your sofa, wondering, 'Life would be much easier if I could recite the NATO Phonetic Alphabet backwards.' OK, maybe not, but in case you do, here's how. (This article presumes ... Read More »

What is the phonetic of Canon or Nikon Company?

u first click the top right button but only half way and u hold it on focus then the side button u click

How to Type on a Russian Phonetic Keyboard?

People who wish to type in Russian on their English-language computers have two main options in terms of "virtual" keyboards. One is to use a standard Russian keyboard layout, as is used in Russia.... Read More »