What is Quixtar about?

Answer Quixtar is a division of Alticor, a company that specializes in multilevel marketing. Some critics, such as NBC's "Dateline," say Quixtar makes unreasonable claims.FunctionMembers of Quixtar sell t... Read More »

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Is Quixtar good?

On One Hand: If You Get to the The Top, YesAccording to the Skeptic's Dictionary, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but only if you are at the top of the company. Quixtar (now known as... Read More »

Can stockbrokers join Quixtar?

According to its website, Quixtar, which now bills itself as Amway Global, does not expressly prohibit stockbrokers from becoming accredited independent business owners. Quixtar/Amway, however, has... Read More »

What was the series called on BBC about a peacekeeping tank regiment in Kosovo about 10 years ago. I think it was only about 3 episodes?

What was the name of the television show that had the following theme song It's about time it's about space it's about time you got out of this place?

That was Sherwood Schwartz's 1966 series It's About Time which only lasted one season. The theme song starts out: It's about time It's about space About two men in the strangest place... You ca... Read More »