What is Queen Elizabeth's family name?

Answer Officially, Queen Elizabeth II of England is a member of the Windsor family, but this name was a change that came about in 1917. At the time, World War I was under way and the royal family felt its... Read More »

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What is the queen of England's family name?

The family name of Queen Elizabeth II of England is Windsor. The dynasty is the House of Windsor. King George V and his advisers chose the name during World War I. It was felt that the House of Sax... Read More »

What did elizabeths siblings call her?

he had a sister named Sarah and a bro named Thomas

What was queen victoria's last name?

Though royalties didn't really need to use last names, according to the Famous People in UK website, some assigned Queen Victoria the surname d'Este or Guelph. Most genealogists assigned her the su... Read More »

What is another name for a queen in medieval times?

"Empress" is another name used for a queen during the medieval period. For example, Queen Matilda of England, the first woman to rule the English, was also known as Empress Matilda, according to th... Read More »