What is Queen Anne style of furniture?

Answer The early 1700s marked the advent of a new style of furniture called Queen Anne furniture, named after the reign of Queen Anne. The style was a lighter, fanciful design approach to household pieces... Read More »

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Queen Anne Furniture Characteristics?

Queen Anne-style furniture, which first became popular in England of the early 18th century, is named after the English queen who reigned during this period. When it was introduced, Queen Anne furn... Read More »

How to Reupholster Queen Anne Furniture?

Queen Anne furniture became popular in America in 1725, and it's still being made in the traditional style today. The most recognizable design element on Queen Anne furniture is the scallop shell, ... Read More »

Who was Queen Anne furniture designed to honor?

Queen Anne furniture was in honor of Queen Anne of England. It became popular in the 18th century and featured a lighter, more graceful and comfortable style of furniture than was dominant during t... Read More »

How do I care for a queen anne palm?

Choose the Right LocationSelect a location for the Queen Anne palm where it will receive full sunlight but have some protection from strong winds, which could uproot the tree. Plant the tree in wel... Read More »