What is Preparation H used for?

Answer Preparation H is a topical anesthetic and skin protector that shrinks hemorrohoidal tissue. It reduces the symptoms of burning, soreness, itching and general discomfort of the anal region caused by... Read More »

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What is manufacturing process,raw matrial & equipment used in preparation of instant premix of tea & coffee.?

The manugacturing process of coffee is lengthy. first drying and husking of beans.Cleaning and grading the beansDecaffeinating the beans;Instant is I V brewed with water in huge percolato... Read More »

Is preparation h used for skin?

Preparation H has been used on skin to reduce puffiness under eyes. Preparation H contains phenylephrine, which constricts the blood vessels and is the ingredient responsible for reducing puffiness... Read More »

Preparation H Used As Eye Cream to Reduce Puffiness?

Preparation H is a cream used to treat hemorrhoids. Although not widely recognized as a beauty aid, some women swear by it as a quick way to reduce under-eye puffiness, according to beauty site Sma... Read More »

What is the land preparation for pak choi?

The soil needs to be quite rich to ensure the fast growth that these plants need, so plenty of compost and old manure incorporated into the soil will help. Otherwise, prepare as you normally would... Read More »