What is Port Magic?

Answer Port Magic is a piece of discontinued software that facilitates dealing with an Internet gateway when playing a computer game over the Internet. Its manufacturer, Pure Networks, ceased development ... Read More »

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Is aol port magic only for paid aol?

AOL offered Port Magic as of 2006 as part of a software package for paid AOL customers. The software, which worked by "automatically opening and closing ports on your Internet gateway," was develop... Read More »

Can you port your number with Magic Jack?

You can either request a new magicJack phone number or port your existing phone number to your magicJack account. However, porting isn't available for all areas, costs $10 and can take up to 60 day... Read More »

What connector is necessary to go between a VGA port and a motherboard without a VGA port?

If a motherboard lacks any type of video output, you will need to add a video card to enable it to communicate with a monitor. If it simply has a different output, such as a DisplayPort, DVI or HD... Read More »

What is the difference between a USB port& a high-speed USB port?

The difference between a USB port and high-speed USB port is speed. USB 1.1 ports are capable of a maximum transfer rate of 12Mbits/second, while the new high-speed 2.0 ports are capable of 480Mbi... Read More »