Is papa johns or pizza hut cheaper?

Answer depends on what king you get !!!but Papas Johns IS MUCH BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What size is a papa johns pizza boxes have for delivery in centimetre?

Does Papa Murphy's accept American Express?

Papa Murphy's, a nationwide chain that prepares pizzas to be baked at home ("take 'n' bake"), accepts American Express, Visa and MasterCard. The company began in 1981 with headquarters in Vancouver... Read More »

Should Michael johns be disqualified in American idol for already having a record deal in 2006?

NO WAY! First off, the rules are - contestants may not have any CURRENT record deals- past ones do not matter. And they shouldn't!!! In the music industry, so many artists are given an opportunit... Read More »

American phones have three letters per number on the number pad. What do the Chinese do?

they will certainly have local language(japanese, chinese,korean) over the number keys...if you buy in those countries..