Which would you choose here: apple bread, banana bread, raisin bread or something else?

Answer Banana bread - with miniature chocolate chips,

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What makes foccacia bread any different from any other sort bread?

It is much denser than some breads, almost the same as a pizza dough. It has a good amount of olive oil in it. Before it's baked, the dough is dimpled using the tips of your fingers and more oliv... Read More »

What is the Best Way to Store Bread Machine Bread?

Using an electric bread maker is a quick way to make delicious homemade bread. To enjoy maximum freshness and taste, homemade bread should be consumed within two to three days after baking. However... Read More »

How to Find Out If White Bread Molds Faster Than Wheat Bread?

If you've ever wondered whether white bread or wheat bread molds faster, you can conduct an experiment to find out for yourself. Bread mold belongs to a category of living organisms known as fungi.... Read More »

How to Bake Oatmeal Bread With Honey Using a Bread Machine?

If you have tried the bread machine recipe that came with your machine but didn't like the crust or the shape, this recipe will help change that. This recipe is healthy and substitutes honey for th... Read More »