What is POP3 that appears and asking me for user name & password?

Answer POP3 is a protocol used for e-mail. It's used when you remote login to a mail server. For example if you have Yahoo! mail and you want to view it in MS Outlook or Apple Mail, you can use the POP3 m... Read More »

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How do I change my user name as it appears on youtube?

Hello,[Changing your username]Your username is set in stone when you create your account. If you want to change your username then you must make a new account but you can't use the same e-mail addr... Read More »

What is the my user name and password?

? More info please. If your asking what i think, username is what will show up on your login screen. Password is used to prorect your account so only YOU have access.

I want to access my computer from another computer, how do i do that as i have to input user name & password?

I'll assume you are talking about Windows. Here's the walk through for XP. Right click on your "My Computer" icon. Click on properties.Click on the remote tab. Select the second box down, make ... Read More »

Antivirus name which can repair almost all kind of virus.. and doesnot delete any file without asking user?

I prefer Avast. whichever you choose to install you will need the removal/uninstall to remove the previous AV to ensure all residual files are removed from your syst... Read More »