What is PC2700 memory?

Answer PC2700 memory is a type of double-rate Random Access Memory (RAM) for personal computers. Like all RAM, it provides temporary storage space for system operations. As the name suggests, PC2700 memor... Read More »

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Is PC2100 memory compatible with PC2700 memory?

All memory is designed to work with previous models. You can put faster memory into a computer that was built for slower memory, but you will be limited to the speed at which the slowest component ... Read More »

What memory is compatible with a PC2700?

PC2700 (DDR333) memory is compatible with other DDR memory modules, even if the size or speed are different. If a motherboard has two modules of different speeds, both modules will run at the speed... Read More »

Can I mix pc2100& pc2700 DDR memory RAM?

Yes, you can mix pc2100 and pc2700 DDR memory on the same computer because they are both from the same generation of DDR memory. However, the computer will default all memory to the lowest speed of... Read More »

What is the difference between PC2700& PC3200 memory?

Ther differences are subtle between PC2700 and PC3200, which are sometimes referred to their memory speeds of 333 mhz and 400 mhz respectively. Laptop and desktop memory, although different sizes, ... Read More »