Where can buy ozone machine?

Answer amazon

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Is ozone lighter than air?

Ozone, a form of oxygen, is lighter than air. Oxygen rises through the atmosphere after it is expelled from plants. When oxygen has risen 20 to 30 kilometers above the ground, energy from the sun c... Read More »

What is ozone therapy?

Dear Natalie,It has been my experience that starving cancers of (processed sugars) is the most effective strategy, along with a high intake of oxygen, plus a raw-food diet( fruit & Veg. ). By proce... Read More »

Has anyone actually used Ozone Therapy?

It works for spinal disc damage, and its success there is well documented.It is a screwed up mistake for any other use that is not simply topical (applied to the skin, gums or teeth).It damages lun... Read More »

Can ozone deteriorate my spa?

According to, ozone generators are used as a sanitizer and do not cause harm to a spa. Bromine is a chemical used with the ozone generator that can damage the finish of your spa ... Read More »