What does it mean to pinch out old blooms?

Answer This form of pruning involves pinching at the base of the bloom, producing twice the number of flowers from a single stem. Pinching off the old blooms encourages growth of new blossoms, allowing th... Read More »

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How to Use Blooms in History?

Using blooms to teach history is an idea that can flower into many creative lessons. Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel shaped the future with their research into the genetics of snapdragons and pea ... Read More »

What Are Plankton Blooms?

Plankton blooms are a rapid increase in the amount of phytoplankton (microscopic organisms) in a body of water. This can occur in either freshwater or saltwater, and there are a myriad of different... Read More »

What is a flower that blooms in the fall?

Pinnapple Sage is very pretty flower/bush that blooms only in the fall and the very begining of winter. It has pretty red flowers and looks great anywhere. Hope that helps!

How do I encourage more blooms on bidens?

DeadheadPinch off the old flowers as they fade, snipping the blooms from the stems before they dry and go to seed. If allowed to produce seed, the plant will no longer bloom.PruneTrim the plants ba... Read More »