What Are Plankton Blooms?

Answer Plankton blooms are a rapid increase in the amount of phytoplankton (microscopic organisms) in a body of water. This can occur in either freshwater or saltwater, and there are a myriad of different... Read More »

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What flower blooms in the spring?

Many flowers bloom in the spring - some can't even wait until all the snow melts! Crocuses are often seen blooming through small patches of snow. Then look for daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips. Tre... Read More »

What Eats Tomato Blooms?

Growing your own vegetables and fruits saves money. Tomatoes grow in gardens or small hanging planters. Many pests eat tomato plants. Pests that eat tomato blooms prevent tomato fruit from growing.... Read More »

What is a flower that blooms in the fall?

Pinnapple Sage is very pretty flower/bush that blooms only in the fall and the very begining of winter. It has pretty red flowers and looks great anywhere. Hope that helps!

What to do with blooms on horseradish plant?

Horseradish blooms are not widely used in cuisine. Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) is grown for its aromatic root and it produces small, white flowers in the spring. Its cousin in the mustard fam... Read More »