What is Oracle America, Inc. software, and is it safe for the computer?

Answer Oracle is one of the largest commercial software companies in the world. It now owns Sun Microsystems, and Sun's old product line, which includes Java.Assuming that your installation request was r... Read More »

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Is AVG the free download software for protection for your computer.. is it safe and does it do its job?

Why is oracle installing "outside in" on my computer without my permission?

I have the same issue after reboot of my PC. I have no idea how it evolved in my computer. I was surprised too for a short time and now I'll wait what it will affect my computer...

How to Connect to an Oracle 9 Server With the Oracle 10g Client?

There are certain restrictions when connecting to an Oracle 9 Server from the Oracle 10g Client. For the Oracle 10.2.0 Client, it is not possible to connect to a 9.0.1, 9.2.01,, or ... Read More »

Is Bit torrent safe software safe to download?

I downloaded it and my computers fine, be carefull tho it could be dangerous depending on your firewal, download it of a proper site not a informal site that has lots of pop-ups and adverts try to ... Read More »