What is Olive Garden's best meal ( in your opinion) I'd like to try something new?

Answer I like the Zuppa Toscana and the Chianti Braised Short Ribs. Neither one is quite like anything I've had here in Italy, but they're pretty good.

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What do like best with your biscuits to complete the meal?

In your opinion what brand of paper towels do you like best?

The way I go through them, I use the heavy duty ones (in a 6 pack, 90 double sheets each.........) from Smart and Final. They're about 7 bucks, and they're double and made from at least 85% post c... Read More »

What would be the perfect 7 course meal in your opinion?

Chinese!Won ton SoupFried WontonsEgg RollsSweet'n Sour PorkSoy Sauce or Terriaki ChickenSaifun with ShrimpFortune Cookie :D

What is the best meal to make your man?

My guy likes ribs, mashed potatoes with sour cream and chives added, green beans with garlic, butter and pepper and some chili lime corn.Ribs: soak in gingerale for as long as you can (tenderizer) ... Read More »