What is OTB My USB harddisk adapter has a button that says OTB.?

Answer OTB, in this context, stands for One-Touch Backup.That's a programmable feature that only needs a touch of a button to trigger a backup operation of the programmed files and folders.Hope this helps... Read More »

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Will a universal ac adapter that says it is 1.5-12v up to 300ma be used to charge a portable DVD player that uses a 9 v1.5 a battery?

The button that used to say end call now says release on the iPhone. Why?

There are over 50,000 games available on iOS (iPhone's operating system) that are also available on iPod touch and iPad too, including Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Shift, Monoply, Connect Four,... Read More »

Will a 5V 2.5A adapter damage a device that requires a 6V 2A adapter?

No, underpowering will not "power" the device, it will not run. You must get an adapter that is 6V and (2A or higher) will be ok as well.

Can you use a 3.7v ac adapter for a digital camera that recommends a 4.3v adapter?

NO! It will fry your device. Use same V and possibly higher amp rated adapter.