What is O2 saturation?

Answer Oxygen saturation (O2 saturation) is a measure of how much oxygen the blood is carrying, according to PulseOx. This saturation is measured against how much oxygen the blood is capable of carrying.E... Read More »

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What Is Saturation in Photoshop?

Photo editing can enhance the look of your digital images. Using the "Saturation" command in Photoshop adjusts the hue of your images. If you want a particular color to look more vibrant and rich, ... Read More »

What is high oxygen saturation?

Oxygen saturation is the term used to describe the percentage of hemoglobin that becomes completely saturated, or filled to capacity, with oxygen for transport through the lungs. To be considered h... Read More »

What is a normal o2 saturation level?

A 95 to 99 percent oxygen saturation level is the norm for a relatively healthy person. A person with an oxygen level of 81 to 94 percent should be monitored closely. Serious conditions--such as lo... Read More »

What is a good sleeping o2 saturation for a baby?

On One Hand: 90 to 100 Percent Is IdealAccording to, the oxygen (O2) saturation in a healthy baby should be between 93 and 100 percent during sleep. However, in most cases, an oxygen s... Read More »