What is Nomex?

Answer Nomex is the commercial name for the chemical company DuPont's line of flame- and heat-resistant materials. Nomex's technical name is synthetic aromatic polyamide polymer known as a synthetic arami... Read More »

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What is Nomex made of?

Nomex is made from polyester or cotton fibers that are then made into single yarns. Two of the yarns are then plied to make sewing thread. Nomex is used to make protective clothing for civilians an... Read More »

What is Nomex used for?

Nomex is a product made by the DuPont chemical company. It is a heat- and flame-resistant material used in the suits of race car drivings, astronauts, military personnel and in the clothing worn by... Read More »

What is the chemical name for nomex?

Nomex is the brand name for a DuPont registered chemical compound called poly (isopthaloylchloride/m-phenylenediamine). Its full company name is Nomex meta-aramide polymer. This information was off... Read More »

How to Dye Nomex?

Because Nomex fabric is flame resistant, the oil and gas industries use it, as well as the military and fire departments. Because the fabric is so resistant to chemicals and heat, you cannot dye it... Read More »