What is Nevada's law for leaving children home alone overnight?

Answer death

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What is the law pertaining to leaving minors home alone overnight in Oregon?

they want to look cool because they are not secure with their friends so they try to show off

What does the law say about leaving children home alone in England?

There is no legal age limit in the UK, it is left up to the parents discretion. However they can be prosecuted for leaving a child home alone for an extended amount of time in detrimental condition... Read More »

Can a single parent get in trouble for leaving their 11 and 15-year-old children home alone while they work at night?

Answer no way, i stayed home every nite since i was eight and its not a crime anyway. Answer No. I have two children the exact same age. As long as they know where you are, what time you will be ... Read More »

Is soda safe to drink after leaving it outside overnight?

As long as the cap was on it should be just fine!