What is Netmeeting XP?

Answer NetMeeting XP is an older version of a teleconferencing program created by Microsoft. It was replaced with Windows Meeting Space from Windows Vista, also created by Microsoft.FunctionNetMeeting is ... Read More »

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What is NetMeeting?

NetMeeting is a conferencing software included in the various versions of Microsoft Windows. It allows users to communicate with one another via the Internet. NetMeeting has useful features such as... Read More »

How to Use NetMeeting?

NetMeeeting is used to host online interactive meetings. This software is available on computers running Windows XP or Windows 2000. NetMeeeting lets you host a meeting and share your desktop or pr... Read More »

How do I run NetMeeting in XP?

Run the NetMeeting Installation WizardClick on the Windows "Start" menu, choose "Run" and type "conf.exe" in the command line. Click "OK" to confirm. The NetMeeting Configuration Wizard opens up.Co... Read More »

What Is NetMeeting Software?

Produced by Microsoft, NetMeeting software allows users to hold meetings or gatherings over the Internet by having the ability to look at one another's desktops to view documents such as slideshow ... Read More »