What is NetZero Voice?

Answer NetZero Voice was a VoIP (Voice Over IP) phone service that used an Internet connection for phone service instead of traditional telephone lines. The service was shut down on December 15, 2007.Time... Read More »

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How do I shut down& restart Netzero Voice?

Netzero Voice is a disbanded Internet phone service that used a standard dial-up connection to provide phone features along with the more typical broadband. Voice offered a few calling plan choices... Read More »

What is type of device u use to analyze your regular voice into the chipmunk's voice?

The right way to do this is to double the frequency of the audiio. Speeding up the tape will do this also, but the rate of speech also increases by 2. If you double the frequency you get the high... Read More »

What is NetZero?

NetZero is an Internet service provider that offers both low-cost and free service. Its connection is offered through dial-up. It also offers limited service free of charge to those who are occasio... Read More »

What is the download speed for NetZero 3g?

NetZero 3G runs over a standard telephone line, so it cannot download faster than 56 kilobits per second. 3G offers to accelerate the loading of websites and images by compressing them before deliv... Read More »