What is Net vs. Gross Salary?

Answer Net salary is the amount of money you take home after reductions, deductions and taxes have been subtracted from your gross pay. Gross pay is the total amount of earnings prior to the subtraction ... Read More »

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What is the meaning of gross salary?

A gross salary is the amount of money a person makes before any federal, state or local income taxes are withheld. The amount of money that a person makes minus such withholdings is known as net sa... Read More »

Is gross salary before or after taxes?

A person's gross salary represents the amount he or she makes before taxes. An easy way to remember this is to remember that the word "gross" starts with "gr," as does the word "greater". Therefore... Read More »

Paid an annual salary of 27500semimonthly What is his gross pay per pay period?

Gross pay for each pay period for 24 pay periods would each be 1145.83.Paid twice a month.If paid every 2 month the amount would be 4583.33 for 6 pay periods.

Bj swanson is paid an annual salary of 27500 semimonthly what is his gross pay per pay period?

27500 divided by 24 pay periods. 2 x 12 = 24 pay periods. The gross amount would be 1145.83 before any of the withholding amounts that the employer payroll department will be required to withhold b... Read More »