What is Napster Lite?

Answer Napster Lite was designed to compete with iTunes in the business of music distribution. Even with a cheaper cost per track model, Napster Lite failed against the proliferation of iTunes through the... Read More »

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I heard that Napster has free, legal music downloading. Does anybody know where to go on Napster to do this?

Napster was originally free, but i THINK that there was a lawsuit againest them, and then they changed it , and its not free anymore, but now its not possible anymore

What is Napster?

Napster is a subscription-based, paid service for the online sharing of music files. It originated in 1999 as an unpaid file-sharing service that allowed people to share music files for free.Concep... Read More »

What is Napster Light?

Napster is a website that allows users to legally purchase and download digital music. Napster Light is one of the services available to users of the Napster website.IdentificationNapster Light is ... Read More »

What is Napster Shell?

Napster Shell is a Microsoft Windows system tray icon for the music download service, Napster. It is an executable file that may be set to run at start-up, or simply run as needed.File NameNapsterS... Read More »