What is NTUSER.DAT Can it be deleted from my computer with out problems thank you?

Answer I would suggest that you leave any NTUSER.DAT files alone. NTUSER.DAT filesare absolutely essential.NTUSER.DAT files are the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive for the registry.One NTUSER.DAT for each user on... Read More »

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Will I have problems if I deleted my recycle Bin?

Actually, that particular icon on the desktop is just a reference to the real "Recycle Bin".The file on your C:\ drive that is called "RECYCLER" is where the Recycle Bin resides.You can always make... Read More »

If I deleted pics from my computer and cleared recycling, can they still be found on my computer?

Printer problems..I deleted...will pick Best Answer?

with your printer connected head on over to the site and do an update -- there may be a driver there for it.

What happens to deleted data on your computer?

It doesn't ever just go away, it's still on there & there are ways that you can pull it back up.