What is NTUSER.DAT Can it be deleted from my computer with out problems thank you?

Answer I would suggest that you leave any NTUSER.DAT files alone. NTUSER.DAT filesare absolutely essential.NTUSER.DAT files are the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive for the registry.One NTUSER.DAT for each user on... Read More »

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If I deleted pics from my computer and cleared recycling, can they still be found on my computer?

If I delete LimeWire from my computer, will all the songs that are on itunes (from LW) be deleted?

You should try consolidating your library. It is a menu option in iTunes, and it copies all of your music foles from whereever they are into the iTunes music folder. You can then delete the ones an... Read More »

I delete cookies from my computer. How can I prevent the sign in seal cookie(s) from being deleted?

The browser maintains cookies.Whatcha got?

How Do I Remove Deleted Files From a Computer?

DeletingDouble-click on the "Recycle Bin." Select the file and go to the "File" menu and choose "Empty Recycle Bin" or "Delete."WipingWipe the entire hard drive to make sure any and every files is ... Read More »