What is NTFS system file and FAT32 system file?

Answer NTFS is more secure then FAT32. It allows compression, file /directory security, support for large drives and it's able to read and write to FAT32 partitions.

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How to Convert a FAT32 File System to NTFS in Windows XP?

While most modern hard drives are already set up as NTFS file systems, older systems (such as a computer that has been upgraded to Windows XP from Windows 98/ME) can greatly benefit from NTFS, due ... Read More »

How do I know which file system my computer is using FAT,FAT32 NTFS?

You are using Windows 98 on your C Drive then there must be FAT 32 of partition type bcoz Windows 98 doesn't support NTFS. although XP support both FAT 32 and NTFS partitions but if you are able to... Read More »

What is the ntfs file system?

The NTFS file system is an abbreviation for New Technology File System, which organizes files on a computer hard drive into directories. NTFS offers a reliable system that may be used on consumer c... Read More »

What is the partition limit in an NTFS file system?

The maximum size of an NTFS partition is 16 exabytes. This is equal to 2 raised to the 64th power or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 bytes, more than enough for any sized hard drive in 2010.References:P... Read More »