What is NOT an unconditional worst form of child labor?

Answer picking produce

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Is humiliating your child in public one of the worst forms of child abuse?

Not as bad as locking them in a small cage or starving them, I would say, but still child abuse for sure. How can a child growing up in that environment ever hope to have decent self-esteem??

How best can you describe labor pain Was it the worst pain in your life If not, what was?

it's going to friggin hurt like hell to start, but honest to god after it is over it's not so much of a big deal, you'll be advising other women on how to stay calm and try and 'enjoy' the experien... Read More »

Scale of 1 - 10 (ten being the worst pain possible) how bad does labor hurt?

this is a definitive 10+...but hold on! It's a different pain, as it has a known ending and reason. And it varies, unlike say a broken bone or migraine headache. When I was in transition, in betw... Read More »

What is the worst case of child abuse in California?

Note: All child abuse cases are different and can be molestation to rape and murder. This is the most publicized case of child abuse by the media, but not the worse case in California history was t... Read More »