What is Modern Rock Live?

Answer Modern Rock Live is a syndicated radio show presented by Sony. It caters the 18- to 34-year-old alternative rock demographic and was particularly popular in the mid-1990s.SyndicationAs of March 20... Read More »

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Can AC/DC Live Rock Band be used with a Rock Band 3 guitar?

Yes, you can use a Rock Band 3 Pro guitar to play AC/DC Live Rock Band as well as other Rock Band games. All song lists from previous versions will be able to upload into Rock Band 3 Pro which wil... Read More »

How to Dry Live Rock?

Live rock is used in saltwater aquariums to help sustain life in the aquarium by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and small animals. When the rock is dried, the life found on the rock u... Read More »

Can i put live rock against glass?

In aquariums, live rock can be placed against the glass. However, placing live rock against or near the glass may make cleaning more difficult, but it can also help to maximize tank space in smalle... Read More »

How do I attach my corals to live rock?

Securely attaching your corals to live rock is a way to ensure the safety of your corals. When the polyps, or individual animals, on a coral are touched by rock, sand or glass, they can be damaged.... Read More »