What is Missouri's sales tax?

Answer As of 2009, Missouri has a statewide sales tax of 4.225 percent on the purchase of tangible personal property, according to the St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association. Certain counties hav... Read More »

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What is Missouris nickname?

The Show Me State (but un-official)

What percentage of sales do property owners get of vending machine sales?

Property owners usually get 15 to 33 percent of sales from vending machines placed on their property depending on the popularity of the location. High traffic locations usually are more attractive ... Read More »

What month did North RAvenwood Store have the highest sales for product and installation sales?

In what month did the North Ravenwood store have the highest sales for product and installation salesRead the chart that is provided. I believe the answer is June.

What is the sales tax on used car sales in Illinois?

In Illinois, sales tax on used cars varies based on the county of the transaction. As of June 2010, sales tax rates range from 6.6 percent to 12 percent of the total purchase price.References:Illin... Read More »