Where is the model number on a Tecumseh 10 hp xl Murray mower engine?

Answer The Tecumseh Formula Vertical Engine Model TVM220 includes the model number along with other pertinent information on an information panel located on the right side of the red engine casing toward ... Read More »

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RTV Regs - Friday - New Al Murray Prog - Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder - Will You Be Watching OR?

lmao, Well Sue lets be honest in this section there's no shortage of possible stars!

Nargile cafes in Melbourne Are there any?

How to Order in New Zealand Cafes?

Well it can be very different to order in a foreign country. I'm in New Zealand at the moment and slowly I have worked out how to order the best way.

What Do People Eat At Cafes (As In Cake, Donuts etc)?

Chocolate cake or jam flake tart with custardOrange juice or colaChips with ketchup or salad and egg cress with mayo sandwich or roll :D