What is a good place to get my boyfriends name tattooed?

Answer Inside your lip upper thighs or hips if you guys do break up its not like you cant get another tattoo put over his name no biggie!

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Ladies, would you get a tatoo of your boyfriends name?

I would after a certain amount of time. If I were in your shoes and things were going very well - I'd say yes. Worst case scenario you can get it removed or have another tattoo created over the nam... Read More »

In Lizzie Mcguire what is Lizzie's Mcguire future boyfriends name?

at the end of the series we're lead to believe she'll get together with Gordo. BUT her crush throughout the series is named Ethan.

What is Miley Cyrus last name on Hannah Montana show?

Can a mother give her child boyfriends last name even if he isn't the father?