What is Microsoft XPS Document Writer?

Answer The Microsoft XPS Document Writer is a special program that comes with the Windows operating system and which permits users to print directly to a file on their hard drive rather than to a physical... Read More »

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How to Import a Microsoft Office Excel Document Into a 2007 Microsoft Word Document?

Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word have compatible features so data can be imported between the applications. Word has advanced formatting features that can be incorporated into Excel data such as ... Read More »

What is a Microsoft SQL Writer?

Microsoft SQL server is a database management and analysis system. The Microsoft SQL Writer Service saves the SQL server data automatically and can be used to restore it later if needed. It can be ... Read More »

What is Microsoft XPS Doc Writer?

XPS stands for XML Paper Specification. Developed by Microsoft, the XPS format is similar to a portable document format (PDF) file. The Microsoft XPS Document Writer is a print-to-file driver which... Read More »

What is Microsoft Office Image Writer?

Microsoft document imaging is the process of scanning a document and then converting it to a digital image using the Microsoft Office Image Writer. The Microsoft Office Image Writer is available in... Read More »