What is Microsoft XP Service Pack 2?

Answer Windows XP is an operating system produced by Microsoft, released in 2001. It received three "service packs," which are large collections of updates. Windows XP users can downloaded these service p... Read More »

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How to Install Microsoft Service Pack 1 over Service Pack 2?

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How do I install Microsoft XP Service Pack 2?

Launch Windows UpdateOpen Internet Explorer and go to the Microsoft Windows Update site (see Resources). Click "Custom". Choose "Select by Type" from the left pane. Click "High Priority".Download X... Read More »

How to Install Microsoft XP Service Pack 2?

Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) is a package of updates for the XP operating system. Service Pack 2 enhances several areas of Windows XP, including programs, security, networking, and general funct... Read More »

What is Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack?

Released in 2001, Microsoft Windows XP is an operating system for a computer. Microsoft issues service packs periodically to update computers against security attacks and to address problems custom... Read More »